During our fall Michigan hunts, we primarily hunt silage, hay, and retention ponds. Our Michigan lodge is located 1.5 miles from Saginaw, Michigan near the wa. We have access to 120,000-140,00 acres. When hunting in Michigan during the early season, dress for both mild and hot weather. We run our early season honker hunts from September 8th until September 30th. Beginning in the first week of October we switch into dry field duck hunting and geese. Towards the middle of October, we begin shooting sea ducks. These are only morning hunts. No afternoon hunts. However, we do offer afternoon fishing charters if the weather permits. We hunt fresh fields every day for different setups. Layout blinds or panel blinds are used. Hunting over full bodies. Michigan is the home state of one of our guides, Garrett. He has been hunting his whole life and knows the area well.