Are deposits refundable?

No. If you cancel you lose the deposit, if we have to cancel due to weather or migration deposit will be honored but not refunded. Hunt will be rescheduled.

Do the hunts come with lodging?

Yes. Our Arkansas, Missouri, Michigan and South Dakota hunts all come with lodging.

Do you move fields every day and hunt on the feed fields?

In South Dakota and Missouri, we hunt huge migrator spreads which typically consist of 3000 + decoys a spread. In Michigan and Arkansas, we hunt fresh feed every day. 

What is the lodging like?

In Arkansas, we have 6 different cabins that are a bunkhouse-type lodging. They are very open and fully furnished with a washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator and all the comforts of home. In South Dakota, our lodges are very nice farm houses with individual bedrooms. Each bedroom has 2 or 3 beds per room. They include a washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator and all the comforts of home. 

What type and how much ammunition do we bring?

You can bring 3″ or 3 1/2″ BB or #2’s 12 gauge or 10-gauge 1500fps. On a 3-day hunt bring at least a case of ammunition. If you are using an extension tube, 2 cases of ammunition would be more appropriate. 

Do we have to clean our own birds?

Bird cleaning isn’t included in the price of our hunt for bronze or silver but could be added for an additional $4 / bird. Gold package hunts, however, have this included. 

Do we bring our own bedding for lodge?


How much is Spring Conservation order license?

Arkansas is free for nonresidents. South Dakota is $52 for nonresidents. Missouri is $40 for nonresidents. 

Can we bring our own dog?

No. We do not allow other dogs on the hunts. 

Can we shoot lead shot on snow geese?

No, steel shot only.

Do clients keep bands?

Yes. However, if the whole group of hunters shoot into a large flock and kill a banded bird then straw will be drawn for the band. 

Which is better, Arkansas or South Dakota?

Both locations are excellent hunting opportunities. 

How many birds should we expect to kill?

It depends on how good you can shoot. But on a normal day afield most groups kills anywhere from 20 to 60 birds.

Can we run extension tubes and no plugs?


What is the limit in the spring conservation order?

The spring conservation order is unlimited.

Do you use electronic calls?


Do you use rotary machines?


How many decoys do you use?

Normally 1500 to 2,000 windsocks.

Do you use Clone Decoys?


How much is the deposit?

The deposit is 50% of the balance. The remainder is due upon arrival.

How can I pay deposit?

Credit card over the phone or we can email you an invoice and you can pay online. If between April 15th and October 15th, you can mail a check.

Can we bring a non-hunter?

Under special conditions it is possible but we prefer not.

Can you accommodate handicapped hunters?

Our mobile operation isn’t ideal for handicapped hunters but we can refer you to outfitters who will help.

How much do we tip our guide?

Gratuity is based upon effort of your guide. If your guide works hard, then they deserve a good tip. Gratuity isn’t included in price of the hunt.

Do the guides shoot with the clients?

Yes, they do on big flocks. Guides will normally join the fun. Its not like they are going to shoot your limit for you (because there is no limit). They won’t shoot on small groups and singles.

Do you have a way to get clients to the field that are no longer able to walk long distances?

Yes, every guide has an ATV.

What happens if we miss the migration?

We have arranged conservative dates for clients to book with us. It is a common misconception that you can miss the snow goose migration. This misconception isn’t true with 16,000,000 snow geese. Even when the main big flocks have pushed north the best is yet to come. The juvenile and ross geese bring up the tail end of migration and they decoy the best.

What happens if a big snow storm hits?

We adjust as much as humanly possible and make stuff happen.

Do you use pit blinds or layout blinds?

Mainly layout blinds. We are adding more pits every year but 95% of our hunts are done from layout blinds.

How many people do we have to have to have a private field?

Groups of 6 or more get a private field.

What is the maximum size group for one field?

10 Hunters.